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Our Mission is to pioneer breakthrough therapies that transform the lives of patients and thier families affected by cancer and autoimmune diseases worldwide.

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Targazyme is a holding company with multiple subsidiaries: Our most advanced subsidiaries are  StemZyme, developing next generation Transformative Cancer Supportive Care Enzyme medicine TZ 101  (registration trial ready with established human safety and efficacy signal), TILZYME developing the next generation Adoptive Immune Cell Therapy (FucoTILs) that address critical unmet needs for late stage metastatic cancer patients with solid tumors (Human Validation Clinical Trial Ready) and ImmunoZyme developing FucoTregs to address unmet medical needs for potentially life-threatening auto-immune diseases, such as Type 1 Diabetes, and to prevent solid organ transplant rejection (Phase 2 Ready).


Targazyme has been recognized by Venture Forums and Key Publications as 'The Most Promising Texas Life Science Company', 'Top 20 Business Excellence Award', 'Top Ten Most Inspiring CEOs of 2022', 'the Most Inspiring Leader of 2022'. 


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Cancer-Free World?

TargaZyme is a pioneer of cellular therapy and has accumulated the experience of advancing a portfolio of proprietary cell-enabling enzyme products, at scale, through Phase-2 clinical trials and a Phase 3 Special Protocol Assessment (SPA) award from the FDA, with multiple FDA orphan-drug designations. The company has over 40 worldwide-awarded patents and another 35 patent applications pending.


TargaZyme has partnerships and collaborations with Kyowa Hakko Kirin, Aragen Bioscience, AVID Biotechnologies, and Thermo Fisher in addition to various medical research institutions, including: MD Anderson Cancer Center, Duke University Medical Center,Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Harvard Medical Center, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, Scripps Hospitals, Case Western University Hospitals, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Moore’s Cancer Center, UCSF, UCLA Medical Cancer Center, Northwestern University Medical Center, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute and Indiana University.

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