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Company focused on providing supportive care for patients to aid in hemapoetic stem cell recovery


Company focused on increasing the efficacy of TIL theapies by rapidly improving the trafficing of cell therapy to the tumor sites


Company focused on improving immunotherapy 

Modulating the Immune system with Safe and Effective  Medicines

TargaZyme is a clinical-stage biotechnology company based in San Diego, CA and focused on the research and development of disruptive and novel, off-the-shelf T-Cell products that are aimed at improving the efficacy of T-cell therapies by delivering more T-cells to to tumor sites from the vasculature, increasing the percentage of T-cells in the tumor micro-environment that express FASL, Granzyme B & Perforin, increasing the synapse formation between the T-cells and tumors, enabling increased  intra-tumor penetration,  and improving the cytoxicity of T-cells for increased cancer tumor killing.

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