Gopal Ramakrishnan Ph.D.

Gopal Ramakrishnan Ph.D.

Gopal joined Targazyme Inc. in September 2021 and began his stint as a part time Project Manager and Grant Administrator. He subsequently onboarded as a full-time employee at Targazyme Inc. Prior to that he was an R&D Scientist at ShieldT3 LLC in Chicago, IL, where he was involved in developing and validating novel molecular diagnostic… Continue reading Gopal Ramakrishnan Ph.D.

James S. Manuso, PhD, MBA

Dr. James S. Manuso is a seasoned CEO and serial entrepreneur in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. With extensive experience in founding, managing, and selling companies, he has executed deals exceeding $2 billion. Currently CEO of Talfinium Investments Inc., Dr. Manuso serves on the boards of Ocuphire (NASDAQ:OCUP) and Morphogenesis, Inc. Previously, he led Astex… Continue reading James S. Manuso, PhD, MBA

Alan J. Lewis, PhD

Dr. Lewis is the esteemed founding director of Targazyme, with extensive experience in the biotech industry. He has held key leadership positions in various companies, overseeing major financings and successful mergers. Dr. Lewis is a published author and holds a Ph.D. in pharmacology from the University of Wales and a medical degree from Yale University… Continue reading Alan J. Lewis, PhD

Paul Grint, MD

Paul is a seasoned CEO with over two decades of experience in biologics and small-molecule research and development. He has successfully commercialized products in infectious diseases, immunology, and oncology. With senior management roles at renowned companies, Paul brings strategic expertise to his current positions as executive chairman of Cardea Bio and board member at Amplyx… Continue reading Paul Grint, MD

Lynnet Koh, MS, MBA

Lynnet Koh is a serially successful, award-winning entrepreneur who founded Targazyme with the commitment to transform cancer treatment with innovative cancer immunotherapies aimed at curing cancer without the toxic side effects of standard-of-care cancer therapies. Under her leadership, the company has achieved significant milestones, including the development of potential mega blockbuster Phase 3 ready drug… Continue reading Lynnet Koh, MS, MBA